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Leaking Church Roof

We have a church that’s approximately 12 years old and started leaking within about a year. It has a corrugated metal roof installed with screws with rubber seals. My question to you is: other than replacing with a whole new roof is there any other options for us to do that would work to seal it and stop the leaks? Is there some type of spray on application that could be used that would cost less than a roof replacement?

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Guest Staff answered 6 years ago

A metal roof should last 100 years, not 12!  So no, you should not have to replace it.  You do, however, need to get to the bottom of why it leaked.  Most roofs leaks due to a flashing problem.  You need to get a good, qualifed roofing pro to assess this — and NOT one who wants to sell you a roof.  If you send pictures, or can provide more details on the leak location, I may be able to provide additional suggestions. answered 6 years ago

Thanks for replying to my leak issue. Here’s a little more detail……its NOT a leak…..its leaks and leaks and leaks….etc. Multiple areas ALL OVER the entire roof structure. From numerous places inside the auditorium to numerous places in many of the individual class rooms. From just stains to insulation and drop-in ceiling tiles falling to the floor. The insulation batting that’s between the purlins and metal roofing is also holding water and drooping from the weight.

Guest Staff answered 6 years ago

Wow, that sound's like a real mess!  I suspect installation errors and suggest you have this looked at by a professional home inspector.   You can find one by going to the website for the American Society of Home Inspectors. A home inspector will be able to evaluate the installation without trying to sell you a new roof and hopefully identify the core problem so that it can be repaired. 

This has to be done soon, as all that moisture will lead to mold growth that can be very unhealthy, especially for kids in those classrooms.