Lawn Sprinkler Tips to Save Water: Avoid Wasting Water and Save Money

After last summer's high water bills, I'd like to make some changes to my lawn watering sprinkler system to help preserve my lawn but cut costs on my water bill.  Do you have any suggestions to get me started in my water-saving quest? 

The Money Pit Answer

As you've discovered the hard way, keeping your lawn and garden lush adds up to one of the biggest annual household water expenses. And even worse, a lot of that water ends up getting wasted─to the tune of about 1.5 billion gallons every day in America's great suburban outdoors.

One way you can avoid waste and save bucks is by installing a water-wise irrigation system, operated by an adjustable, reliable timer and integrating special sensors that can tell when Mother Nature has taken care of the watering and your sprinklers aren't needed.

For great savings and results, work with a WaterSense-certified irrigation professional to design, install and help maintain a smart system or audit your existing one─you could end up reducing your outdoor water use by 15 percent or 9,000 gallons a year!

Also consider making changes to the landscaping itself. Less turf and more native, water-wise plantings can greatly reduce irrigation needs while enhancing your home's outdoor impression year-round.

Finally, be accurate with your placement of lawn sprinklers. The only thing that grows when you water your sidewalk is the size of your water bill!