How to Cut Mosaic Tiles for Kitchen Backsplash

How do you cut the small 1/2-inch glass tiles that you put on a kitchen backsplash?

Thanks, Jo Carnes

The Money Pit Answer

This is a great project for a weekend.  You can really express creativity with glass tiles, or just have the satisfaction of knowing you cut them yourself. 
For starters, be careful with the backsplash layout you choose.  You want to end up with as few partial tiles as possible.  Try to keep cut tiles to inside corners where the rough edge won't be as obvious as if they're on the outside.  To cut them, you need a tool called a tile nipper.  It's a small plier-like device that scores tile and then cuts it along the score lines.  There's a great glass tile nipper for just twelve bucks at Home Depot, along with a video tutorial for using it.  Good luck, and post before and after photos on Money Pit's Facebook page!