CommunityHardie Plank: How to Attach to Siding

Hardie Plank: How to Attach to Siding

I have Hardie Plank on my home, and I would like to hang a decorative wall hanging to one of the walls of my screened porch.  What can I use to attach a hanger to the hardiplank that will allow me to hang the wall hanging.

I have tried the 3-M wall hangers that “stick” to the siding but they are not strong enough. I would like to use a decorative hanger  maybe something made out of wrought iron, but I don't know what I can use to attach it.

Can I nail into Hardie Plank or use a cement screw?



The Money Pit Answer

The best way to attach to Hardie Plank siding is by using nails or screws.  To avoid cracking the siding, pilot drill the siding first, using drill bit a little smaller than the nail or screw.  And to make the sure the hole you are forming doesn't leak, caulk the hole before driving in the fastener.