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Gasoline Spill

A gallon or more of gasoline was poured down the side of my house. I am assuming it soaked into the basement concrete blocks below ground. I have opened the windows (it is January, very cold). I placed a fan in the window of the room that has the wall where the gas was spilled. It is day three, a lot of the smell is gone, but still enough to make me nauseated and a fierce headache. I read somewhere that it can take months to evaporate out of the concrete. Is this true. And if it is, is there anything I can do to help neutralize the smell? I am desperate. Thanks.

The Money Pit Answer
Kathy, there are a number of home products available for the clean up of gasoline spills on a variety of surfaces, but in this case it seems you have the more complicated problem of getting to the spill in the soil and concrete foundation of your home. For this, I'd recommend  commercial product like Biosolve, which is designed to soak in and neutralize the hydrocarbons and odors associated with the spill.  This should be effective at attacking the spill in the soil and in the concrete blocks.  Be sure to follow the manufacturers instructions exactly for removing the gasoline odor.
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Kathy Hess answered 7 years ago

Thank you. I am going to contact the local fire department.