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Drainage on Flat Roof Deck

On your show, you mentioned a product that will help resurface an uneven deck. The deck is upper level & waterproofed so the porch below stays dry.  So in a sense, this a flat roofing question.

I have a sloped deck that drains to a gutter on the lower side.  The coating is AMES Safe-T-Deck elastic paint with granules.  Thing is, the flashing between the gutter and deck creates a lip that causes water to pool rather than drain.  Over time, the pooling water drys out and deposits hard to clean dirt.   I want to fill in this area with a thin coat of material to result in a continuous slope to the gutter.  Once that is done, I can recoat the deck.

What is a good way to do this?  

Thank you.


The Money Pit Answer

To reframe or refloat your roof with a leveling compound, you would have to build roof from scratch.  The point is, resurfacing your deck to bring it up is far more work than replacing the gutter with one that sits below the edge of the roof.  

I suggest focusing instead on making the gutter lower than the roof.  Gutters are disposable, and are the least expensive piece of this assembly - so why go through extraordinary effort to get your roof up higher when you can adjust the gutter more easily and inexpensively?  Reposition the gutters so the buildup doesn't happen.