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Affordable Housing

I am from Botswana in Southern Africa.  Most new entrants to the world of work need affordable housing. So do many middle income people. I know our government is committed to this idea but they want the private sector to take the lead. They are also encouraging double story plus flats as opposed to traditional single story houses.

We are looking for synthetic building materials as opposed to the traditional bricks and mortar. Eventually the materials could be manufactured here at lower cost.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated

Kgosi Serema

The Money Pit Answer

There are a number or organization that focus on affordable housing and have develop the tools, techniques and materials to make many things possible, such as Make it Right or Habitat for Humanity.  I seek to partner with such organizations rather than starting from scratch on your own.

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kgosi.serema answered 7 years ago

Thank You Tom
will look at those organisations