Electric Dryer vs. Gas Dryer: Which is Cheaper?

We are remodeling our kitchen/pantry/laundry room.  Does it make sense to replace our electric clothes dryer with a natural gas dryer? We could have the plumber extend the gas line into the laundry room while the walls are opened up.
Kjklax 7-24-07 7:30AM

This makes total sense.  In general, electric dryers are about 15% more expensive to run compared to gas.  While this isn’t enough to justify the cost of installing a gas line and gas meter, it does make sense as a while you’re at it kind of project!

Another good reason to switch is that gas clothes dryers have never been smarter at saving you energy.  Many of the newest Energy Star models include moisture sensors which turn off the dryer when the clothes are dry, which might happen before the timer reaches the end of its cycle, thereby saving both energy and the wear-n-tear on your clothes!


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