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When Your Refrigerator’s Freezer Won’t Freeze

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    LESLIE: Sheila’s fridge has issues in Florida. Hopefully we can straighten them out. What’s going on?

    SHEILA: I have my refrigerator, the freezer part is like – it won’t even freeze my ice trays. So I don’t know what’s wrong with it. It’s like – I don’t know. Anything I put up there it doesn’t freeze.

    LESLIE: How old is this refrigerator freezer?

    SHEILA: It’s not that old. It’s probably like two years.

    TOM: And so, it just won’t freeze the ice or it won’t freeze anything?

    SHEILA: It won’t freeze anything.

    TOM: Hmm, OK.

    LESLIE: And how is the fridge side?

    SHEILA: I would put bacon up there and within two days it’s still not frozen. Nothing’s freezing.

    TOM: OK. And you’ve checked the thermostat?

    SHEILA: Yes.

    TOM: It sounds like it may have a leak in the refrigerant line. If it’s not cooling enough, you may be losing a refrigerant and that could be either a repair or replacement issue …

    LESLIE: Did it ever freeze or did it just …

    SHEILA: Oh yeah, it did when I – like when I first bought it I mean it froze.

    TOM: You probably have a leak in the refrigerant. You’re going to have to have a refrigerator repairman check it and check the refrigerant level and make sure that it is pressurized. Because if you get a small leak it could take some time and that refrigerant could leak out. And if that’s the case, it’s just not going to get cold enough.

    The other thing that could wrong is the compressor but if you’ve got some temperature it’s probably not it. It’s probably more in the cycle of the refrigerant.

    LESLIE: Well, even if you wanted to sort of self-diagnose, there’s a great website called RepairClinic.com. You can put in the type of refrigerator that you have and it’ll give you a cue of sort of questions to, say, that’ll lead you to like what’s going wrong with this. And you say, “Freezer does not work” and it can kind of recommend you perhaps parts that might be done, that need to be replaced or certain items. It’ll help you, you know, sort of establish what might be going on and see if you can’t fix it on your own.

    TOM: Alright. Sheila, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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