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    LESLIE: Bill in Idaho is looking for some help with a doggie door. Tell us about your project.
    BILL: Yeah, I wanted to install a doggie door. It’s for a medium-sized door – or dog.
    TOM: (laughing) OK.
    BILL: But anyway, in the summertime, it gets about 101, 102; but in the wintertime, you know, we’re talking below zero here.
    TOM: Right.
    LESLIE: Well, that’s a nice range of climate.
    BILL: So what I want is, you know, something that I can put into there that I don’t have Wally Waterdrop come flying into the house.
    TOM: Yeah, you know, there are some pretty good insulated extreme-weather dog doors out there. I know PetSafe makes one that actually has like three layers. So there are like two vinyl flaps with like the magnetic weatherstripping; then there’s a foam insulating layer in between. You can probably find that online if you search for “extreme weather doors for pets.”

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