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Use Protective Barrier Under Cultured Stone

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    LESLIE: Steve in Kansas is next, who finds The Money Pit on KFRM. And what’s going on in your house?

    STEVE: Well, I’m finishing up on an exterior of a ranch-style home and I’ve got an area where I did some ICS work and … but I joined it with a gable that is made out of wood frame.

    TOM: And that’s the nice thing about ICS. We’re talking, of course, about insulated concrete form construction. And even though it’s a concrete foam form, you can put it against very traditional architecture and have it work.

    STEVE: Well, the question I have for you on that is we’ll be doing cultured stone on the front of this gable. And is there any type of material I need to use to cover that plywood exterior before we go on there with the lath work and the cultured stone?

    LESLIE: Oh, like some sort of Tyvek paper to sort of just protect it from any moisture wicking through.

    STEVE: Right, right.

    LESLIE: Well, Steve, when you’re doing this work, make sure that whatever you have for your sheathing – whether it’s plywood; however you’ve built your home – that you cover it with some sort of protective barrier like a Tyvek paper or even tar paper. And then, you can go ahead and put your mortar and then the cultured stone. And that should protect everything for years to come. And enjoy your new house.

    TOM: I love that cultured stone look; it’s just gorgeous. And what’s cool about that is it really works with any kinds of construction. If it’s wood frame, if it’s ICF – which is insulated concrete form – or even concrete block, it goes up very, very well; it’s consistent and it’s just gorgeous.

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