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    LESLIE: Heading up north to our friends in Canada where we’ve got Gary on the line. Gary, what can we do for you today?

    GARY: I’ve got a linoleum floor …
    TOM: (overlapping voices) OK.
    LESLIE: (overlapping voices) OK.
    GARY: … and I bought my wife a bike trainer and it had these nice things to protect the floor, made out of rubber.
    TOM: Aha.
    GARY: (chuckling) I knew Tom was going to say that.
    TOM: Let me guess. You have a nasty stain now where that rubber was pressed into the linoleum. Is that correct?
    GARY: Yes, it is.
    TOM: Yeah. What you’ve experienced here, Gary, unfortunately, is a chemical reaction between the different types of materials that has changed the composition of the linoleum; hence the difference in color.
    LESLIE: In color, yeah.
    TOM: And unfortunately, it is not reparable. It is permanent.
    LESLIE: How about an area rug?
    TOM: Yeah, now there’s an idea.
    LESLIE: Without a rubber backing. (Gary chuckles)
    TOM: Now normally we hear the same story when people buy the rubber-backed …
    LESLIE: Bath mats.
    TOM: … bath mats or the little soft mat that goes in front of your kitchen sink where you stand to wash dishes all the time.
    GARY: Yes.
    TOM: And they peel that up after a couple of months and find the discoloration. Whenever you put those two materials together – in fact, some of the manufacturers will actually warn against this particular condition. You really have to be very, very careful.
    But you could use a throw rug; perhaps one that doesn’t have a rubber back. (chuckles)
    LESLIE: Or a Sharpie.
    TOM: (laughs) Or a Sharpie, yeah. (Gary chuckles) And that’ll solve it. But the good news is your wife is in good shape, right? (Leslie chuckles)
    GARY: (chuckles) Yeah.
    TOM: She’s getting lots of exercise on that thing.
    GARY: Yeah. Only problem is this is an apartment.
    TOM: Uh-oh. (Leslie groans)
    GARY: Yeah.
    TOM: So you could be held responsible for the damage, huh?
    GARY: Yep.
    TOM: Big throw rug, Gary, big throw rug.
    LESLIE: When you are moving out and you get that final sort of bye-bye …
    GARY: Yeah.
    LESLIE: … make sure you both stand over the stains. (Gary chuckles)
    TOM: (laughing) Gary, good luck with that project. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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