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Spray Patching Compound Fixes Roof Leaks

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    Alan in Illinois is up next. What’s your home improvement dilemma?

    ALAN: Oh, I’ve got a … I’ve got some rental property. I have a mobile home. It’s got like a trailer top and my question is it’s got a couple of leaks. Is there something that I could spray on; like to cover the whole thing so I can (ph) insulate it and maybe seal it up also? Is there some (inaudible)?

    LESLIE: Are you talking about air leaks? Are you talking about water?

    ALAN: Water leaks. It’s got a couple of water leaks. Instead of replacing the roof, I was wondering if there’s something like you can spray on it that would cover it up.

    TOM: Like a spray roofing patch?

    ALAN: Yeah, something like that. You know, through the whole roof. Is there like contractors out there that would do something like that or …?

    TOM: Alan, you know, there are a whole series of different types of spray roof patching compounds that are out there. They’re usually in aerosol cans so they’re really meant for repairs rather than replacement of the whole roof. So …

    LESLIE: Unless you want to buy a whole bunch of cans.

    TOM: Yeah, exactly. A lot of them.

    ALAN: Yeah. (laughing)

    TOM: They’re usually … they’re rubber based or asphalt based. And Leslie, you … can you give a recommendation for one or two?

    LESLIE: Yeah, there’s a fun one; I like its name. It’s Rescue 911. And it’s just … it makes it seem like it really does a good job, which we know that it does. And so what you want to do with this one, it sprays on. It’s great for all types of things – whether it’s plumbing, heat or air ducts, roofing – just like your problem, ceiling around air conditioners and roof vents. It adheres to just about any surface. It’s not going to run or sag. It’s about $14 per can. So it’s a good thing to look into; especially for what’s going on with your house. It’s not going to freeze or crack. So it’s really a good idea.

    ALAN: OK. Well, that sounds good. I appreciate it.

    LESLIE: And one can is going to cover 15 to 30 square feet so keep that in mind when you’re thinking about your full roof coverage.

    ALAN: Oh, OK. Where would I find that? Like your basic home improvement store?

    TOM: If you do a Google search, you’ll see that it’s available in web stores all over the country.

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