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    LESLIE: Alright, now we’ve got Teak on the line who’s dealing with a leaky tub. Tell us what’s going on?

    TEAK: Hi. Well, we’ve got water condensing on the bottom of a big, cast iron tub; leaking down on the floor right below it, that it sits on; and then the water was running through those boards – in between those boards down into some insulation – and the ceiling below was getting wet and I’m wondering what I can do to keep that …
    TOM: Are you guys taking cold baths there, Teak?
    TEAK: You’d think so, wouldn’t you?
    TOM: Well, you would think so because, typically, you get condensation on the outside of a cold surface. Are you sure you don’t have a leak here?
    TEAK: We had everything checked out. It’s not a leak. You can – we tore a hole in the ceiling downstairs and you can see that it’s just all where that tub sits; that whole area. You know, it’s about a 2-1/2’x5′ area is just dripping.
    TOM: Right.
    TEAK: The drips on those boards were real close together. I could tell that it wasn’t a leak.
    TOM: Well, I suspect that it is a leak because I don’t think you can get condensation from a tub.
    TEAK: We’re right on the coast.
    TOM: (groans) Is the – the tub would have to be very cold for the condensation to occur.
    TEAK: There’s a vent, an AC vent, right above the tub.
    TOM: Mm-hmm. Well. Now, do you have central air conditioning here?
    TEAK: Yes, we do.
    TOM: You know, you may be a good candidate for something called a whole-home dehumidifier. Have you ever heard of this?
    TEAK: Uh-huh.
    TOM: And what’s nice about is it’s centrally installed, so it’s not like you have anything where you have a pan that fills up with water. It just runs 24/7 and it’s hooked up to a condensate pump.
    TEAK: OK.
    TOM: But I think that that – in an area where you have high humidity, so high that you’re getting these unusual condensation problems, I bet you have more than just what’s happening at the tub. I think that would be a good solution here.
    TEAK: OK. Now, does that come in more than one size?
    TOM: It’s sized based on the square footage of the house.
    TEAK: OK.
    TOM: OK. You would buy it through a heating and cooling contractor and I think not only will you see this condensation problem go away but you will also find that you’re going to be spending less money on air conditioning because you’re going to be a lot more comfortable with less humidity in the air.

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