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Solutions for a Wet Garage Floor

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    LESLIE: Randy in Wisconsin is dealing with a lot of snow and the aftermath thereof. What can we help you with?

    RANDY: We have a garage on our house and when we bring our vehicles in – here in Wisconsin, we have a lot of snow and of course, it gets stuck underneath your vehicles and whatever. We try to scrape off some of the snow but it melts and it goes all over the garage to the floors. Pretty much level, problems here and there but it pools over to my work area and stuff. And I’m wondering if there’s a good solution to containing that water or – I don’t think I need to put in a drain or what to do.

    TOM: Well, I mean obviously, it’s the floor – the floor angle is the issue. Most garage floors are pitched – sloped – to the doors so that water will run out. If that’s not happening with you, what you might want to think about is putting in a garage-flooring system. They have tiles available, from a number of manufacturers, that sit on top of the garage floor but they’re perforated. So if there’s a bit of water, it’ll settle sort of below the tile surface. So even though the wet is still there, you’ll only be stepping in puddles. Now, do you have the floor painted?

    RANDY: No, it’s not painted. No.

    TOM: So another thing that you might want to do is epoxy-paint that garage floor. That’s something you can do yourself with a garage-floor epoxy-paint kit. Basically, you mix up the epoxy and the hardener – the paint and the hardener. You apply the paint. You can put a decorative chip in there; it will help hide dirt. Then you can even put a lacquer finish on it.

    And when you have a smooth, shiny finish like that, what you can do is pick up a squeegee. And that makes it really quick and really easy to take those puddles and basically squeegee them right off the floor when the car – when the snow melts and leaves those puddles behind. 

    RANDY: OK. I’ll check into that.

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