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Septic Tank Cleaning Tips

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    LESLIE: Joanna in Michigan, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    JOANNA: Well, what I have is two large septic tanks and I used RID-X for the last 15 years on these particular two tanks. I’ve never had to have them cleaned. Don’t have any problem with them but the question I have is: would it be advisable just to go ahead and have them cleaned or should I continue with what I’m doing and wait until the time comes?

    TOM: Now, it is advisable to have your septic tanks pumped and cleaned probably about every five years. So if you’ve not done that, it’s not a bad idea for you to do that now.

    JOANNA: Uh-huh. OK. Well, I was a little concerned about that. And then, would you recommend using the liquid or the granules? Liquid is something new that they have come out with and I always like to stick with what I’ve – what works, you know?

    TOM: Well and you’re doing pretty well with it. So, I think companies come up with products just so they have another SKU to sell, another item to sell.

    JOANNA: Right.

    TOM: But if it’s working, why change it?

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