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Roof Vent and Chimney Noise

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    LESLIE: Dominic in New York has an issue with a fireplace and chimney. What’s going on?

    DOMINIC: Up on the roof where the chimney is, there’s like a – I think they call it a whirlybird or it’s like a fan that turns when the wind blows.
    TOM: That’s not for your fireplace. That’s your roof vent.
    DOMINIC: Roof vent?
    TOM: Yeah. 
    DOMINIC: I was wondering what the purpose of that was because it’s kind of making a noise.
    TOM: There’s no purpose for it. (Tom and Leslie chuckle) It’s a type of vent and people put them on many years ago because they were impressed that they did spin and thought they were doing something. But effectiveness-wise, they’re really lousy roof vents and what happens is the bearings wear out and they get real noisy and screechy. And I would suggest that you remove that vent and roof over it so that you no longer have the hole in your roof. And to replace it, the best kind of ventilation would be a ridge vent that goes down the peak of the roof, coupled with some soffit vents at the overhang. 
    DOMINIC: I think it’s hooked up on top of the chimney, though. I think it’s on where the – you know, the smoke stack; where it comes out for the fireplace? On top of that.
    LESLIE: You might be seeing, on top of the chimney, those sort of chimney cage covers to prevent any animals climbing down into it and they could look kind of similar.
    TOM: You telling me you’ve got one of those vents that spins on top of your chimney?
    DOMINIC: I believe so, yes. I mean I can’t see it. I live in a condo complex and what happened was a roofer went up and he was up there working and he tied it down. Presently it’s like tied down so it doesn’t turn to make the noise and that’s why I’m asking.
    TOM: I’ve never seen that type of a vent on top of an active chimney. That sounds very strange to me and I’d want some more information on that. What you might want to do is have a certified chimney sweep look at that just to make sure it’s safe. 
    TOM: That sounds very unusual. 

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