Prime and Paint in One Step Spray Paint with Dual by Krylon

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    Summary: Great painting results depend a great deal on the primer you use — even when you’re applying spray paint to metal surfaces. Leslie Segrete from The Money Pit demos Krylon’s new Dual Paint and Primer, which delivers a superior finish in one easy step.

    LESLIE: Hi, I’m Leslie Segrete coming to you with an exciting new innovation from the 2011 National Hardware show. Painting continues to be the number one home improvement project that homeowners love to tackle. If you’ve got an outdoor painting project this summer season, you’ll want to check out Krylon’s Dual Paint and Primer in one can.

    It’s a great product because if you’re painting outdoor furnishings, whether they’re metal, wood, or even a ceramic planter, you get the paint and primer in one so you know you’ve got good adhesion.

    It’s available in 32 different colors and it runs about $5 a can. Have some fun with your summer painting projects. I’m Leslie Segrete. Thanks for stopping by.

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