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Pressing Instead of Soldering

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    LESLIE: Time to talk plumbing with Manny in Hawaii. Aloha. How can we help you?

    MANNY: OK, hi. I would like to know – I’ve seen on a television program where they’re installing some copper water lines.
    TOM: OK.
    MANNY: And instead of soldering, they’re crimping.
    TOM: OK.
    MANNY: And I didn’t know that was possible. How is that …?
    TOM: Yeah. It’s actually not called crimping. It’s called pressing. And yeah, there are special fittings that fit on the ends of the copper pipe and then there’s something called a pressing tool which basically surrounds it and does what, in effect, is like a crimp but it makes a mechanical weld. And it’s great. A lot of the pros are going to pressing tools right now. Ridgid makes probably some of the best ones in the business.
    LESLIE: And Tom and I actually saw it demonstrated at the Builders Show and the technology is fantastic.
    TOM: We actually got a chance to try out pressing.
    MANNY: Well, I subscribe to the newsletter from Ridgid but I’ve never seen it on their newsletter yet.
    TOM: Yeah, go to Ridgid.com and there’s a whole section there for pressing tools.
    LESLIE: Pressing tools.
    TOM: And you can read about it.

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