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Pet-Safe Method for Getting Rid of Moles

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    LESLIE: Bob in Michigan’s got some moles around the yard. Let’s try to help you get rid of them. Tell us what you see.

    BOB: (laughing) Well, I’ve probably got about – oh, I don’t know how many moles it takes to make about two dozen mole tracks across my yard. (laughter) I’ve got a mole problem. I was trying to find some solution that wouldn’t be harmful to pets. I have some small dogs and I didn’t want anything that, you know, would involve them and where it would be harmful to the animals.

    TOM: Well, there’s a couple of things you can do. First of all, generally (ph) remember that the moles are trying to find food in your yard via grubs. They love to eat the grubs. So anything you can do to …

    LESLIE: And grubs are actually the larvae of a type of beetle, correct?

    TOM: Yeah, exactly. So, if you can use a grub control in your lawn care program, that’s going to help eliminate the food. And frankly, that’s the way I got rid of just dozens of mole tracks around my yard; by using grub control.

    There’s also a natural solution that we’ve heard that involves dropping a transistor radio down there and playing rock music.

    LESLIE: Mm-hmm. Because they hate the loud sounds; they hate the vibrations so it makes them run away.

    BOB: Oh!

    TOM: And then, our screener Amy has had a lot of success with a product called Ramik Green, which is a rodenticide and it’s basically designed for rats and mice and roof rats and things like that.

    LESLIE: Squirrels and things.

    TOM: But Amy tells us that everyone in her neighborhood has just used this Ramik Green. And it’s weather-resistant rodenticide so, basically, you could use it outside. Poke a couple of holes in the tunnels, drop these pellets down, cover the holes back up and within three days, no more moles.

    BOB: Oh, great.

    TOM: That’s not going to help you with the pets because they could find this and eat it.

    BOB: Right.

    TOM: And I do know that when you’re talking about rodenticides, they’re designed to taste good to small animals because they’re basically – the poison is basically a food. So be very careful with those pets.

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