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    LESLIE: Now we’re going to chat with Bruce in California about a metal roof. Welcome.

    BRUCE: Well, with the fire danger out here, they want metal roofs on all our buildings and I’ve got a 40-year-old cedar shake roof on an A-frame. And purchasing a metal roof – I’d like to do it myself and the contractors will supply the metal roof but there aren’t many locations that actually sell metal roofing for a homeowner.
    TOM: Mm-hmm. Well, that’s – and there’s a good reason for that because it does take a fair amount of skill to properly install a metal roof; it’s not exactly a do-it-yourself project. I mean, there are some sheet-metal roofing products that you can use on sheds and things like that but to roof your entire house is really not a DIY job.
    There is a good website that is run by an industry association called the Metal Roofing Alliance. It’s simply MetalRoofing.com and …
    BRUCE: MetalRoofing.com.
    TOM: Yeah, MetalRoofing.com. They’ve got a great site there; lots of information. Lots of experts help you find a contractor and learn about all the different types of metal roofing and they’ve got information about the tax credits. There’s a $1,500 tax credit that’s available if you install metal roofing before the end of 2010, because metal roofing actually is a fairly energy-efficient thing to do because there’s a coating on the metal roof that actually reflects the heat of the sun back out.
    BRUCE: I wasn’t aware of that.
    TOM: Yeah. Yeah. There’s a Metal Roofing 101 section on that website. Really, you should check it out; I think it’s a good place to start your education.
    BRUCE: Oh, thank you so much.

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