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How to Keep Sprinkler Water Off Your Windows

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    LESLIE: Alright. Now we’ve got Edie on the line who is dealing with some dirty windows. What can we do for you?

    EDIE: Hi. Yes, I’m just calling to see how I can keep my windows clean. I have a problem with water from when the (inaudible at 0:06:27) water hits my windows?

    TOM: OK.

    EDIE: And it builds up and I have to take a razor blade and scrape them. I can clean them but the next time I water the lawn, they get dirty again. Is there anything I can put on the windows that would keep them from being so dirty from the rainwater – I mean from the sprinkler water.

    TOM: Yeah, I have two thoughts for you, Edie. First of all, can you – is this a home that you own or rent?

    EDIE: It’s my parents’ home.

    TOM: OK. So then you have control of the sprinkler system. Those sprinkler heads can be adjusted so that they’re not hitting your windows. They are adjustable and you don’t have to put up with them spraying in the windows. In fact, you’re probably wasting water. So, first of all …

    EDIE: Well, I actually – it’s actually in a basement that I live and the grass comes right up to the window.

    TOM: OK. I understand that but you can adjust them, you can change the flow to them. You may be able to reduce the volume of water.

    That said, the other idea I have for you is – and this is a product for cars but I don’t see why it wouldn’t work for your basement windows – is to put Rain-X on them.

    LESLIE: Oh, that’s really smart.

    TOM: When you put Rain-X on your windshield, the raindrops just sort of blow off of them as you drive down the road; it kind of causes them to bead up. And there’s no reason you couldn’t use Rain-X on those windows. So that would definitely save you some number of cleanings because – probably at least cut them in half, I would think.

    EDIE: Yeah. Now, I’ve never used Rain-X. Is it a product that just sprays on?

    TOM: No. It comes in a little, like liquid container and you sort of squirt it on. Then you clean the windows and you squirt it on there and you let it dry; it dries to a haze. Then you take a slightly damp cloth and wipe it off again and it’s crystal-clear when it’s all done.

    EDIE: OK. Perfect. I’ll try that. Thank you so much.

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