How to Repair a Concrete Hole | Video

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    Concrete is strong and durable. But, even the very best concrete eventually wears down and breaks apart over time, causing holes that need to be filled. Fortunately, holes in concrete can be easily repaired in just a few steps with some basic tools and materials. Here’s what you’ll need for this quick DIY project:


      • Power Washer
      • Flat Trowel
      • Concrete Hand Groover
      • Concrete Broom
      • Concrete Cement Patch
      • Water


    When taking on this DIY task, be sure to equip yourself with the proper safety gear. 


    Power wash. Before making any repairs, power wash the holes in your concrete to remove any debris that may compromise your repair. Hold the power washer about eight to ten inches away, washing in small sections to prevent streaking. Allow the area to dry completely before continuing.


    Mix concrete filler. Mix your concrete per manufacturer instructions, combining the powder and water to a peanut butter consistency.


    Fill in. Apply the concrete into the hole, smoothing with a flat trowel. Wipe away any excess at a forty-five-degree angle. Then, smooth over the area once more.


    Finishing touches. Use a hand groover to remove excess concrete and match the edges of your repair to the existing concrete. Smooth the patched area again with your trowel, working from the edge of the new groove to the outside of the patch. Let the area set for a few minutes. Then, brush with a concrete broom to match the grain of surrounding concrete. Allow the area to dry per manufacturer instructions. Your repair is complete.

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