Fasteners for Drywall, Sheetrock and Concrete Walls

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    Summary: Learn about fasteners for drywall, sheetrock or concrete. Find out how to use toggle bolts and other fasteners for every kind of wall.

    TOM: When the job is to hang something into a sheetrock wall, you don’t always have to find the stud. There are some new fasteners out there that can help you do a pretty good job. Here they are.

    You can start with a basic fastener, like this, or use the newer easy anchor, or for really heavy jobs, use a toggle bolt. Here’s how they all work.

    The basic anchor has to be pre-drilled. Once it’s installed, the back of it opens up to secure it to the wall. This is good for light duty projects.

    The easy anchor holds up to 50 pounds, it’s pretty neat. You simply tap it into the wall, and then finish it off with a screwdriver. This is going to make a very, very, secure fit that does a great job of holding to the sheetrock.

    For the heaviest jobs, use an old fashioned toggle bolt. You pre-drill the hole, the toggle opens up and holds the clip very securely to the wall, and they can hold a heck of a lot of weight.

    There you have it: light, medium, and heavy duty fasteners.

    Now what if you have the opposite problem? What if your wall is hard, like concrete? Well, there’s a fastener for that, it’s called Tapcon. Here’s how it works. You simply pre-drill the wall with a carbide bit, then you simply screw the Tapcon fastener right in.

    There you have it. A fastener for every job, and a job for every fastener.

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