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Exterior House Alternatives to Brick Facing

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    LESLIE: We’ve got Steve on the line who’s looking at doing some brick facing on his house. Tell us about the project.

    STEVE: The house is in two colors and we want to cover the white part, the bottom part, with some kind of facing. The only one I can think of is brick and I’m sure there’s others. So we need your help.

    LESLIE: What’s on the house now?

    STEVE: No, paint. Just paint.

    LESLIE: It’s just paint. Is it cedar shingles? Is it siding? It’s just a painted house?

    STEVE: It’s cedar shingle.

    LESLIE: Cedar shingle.

    TOM: So you want to take the shingles off?

    STEVE: No.

    TOM: OK.

    STEVE: The shingles are on the top part of the house.

    TOM: Oh, the bottom part.

    STEVE: The bottom part …

    TOM: OK.

    STEVE: … is just paint.

    TOM: Alright.

    LESLIE: You know, Steve, there’s a great company – Owens Corning – and they are …

    STEVE: I’m writing it down as you talk.

    LESLIE: Perfect.

    STEVE: Owens Corning.

    LESLIE: Owens Corning and they do a synthetic stone material that you can use as siding for the entire house or the wainscoting which would be the lower half of the house and they have ones that look like brick; that look like slate; that look like flagstone, pebble, river rock. They’re beautiful. They’re very affordable. They can …

    STEVE: Approximately how much would that cost, say, for the bottom part of the house? Roughly.

    LESLIE: It depends on the material that you choose. I recently did a project with it and it ran – and I only did the front of the house to keep it under budget, but it was about – without installation I would say it was about $4,000 for the material and then we did the install ourselves on my makeover show The Ugliest House on the Block. But …

    STEVE: Mm-hmm.

    LESLIE: … to have it done through a local vendor and their installer, they’ll give you a good price and the product is gorgeous.

    STEVE: Good. Good.

    LESLIE: The website’s CulturedStone.com. If you go to their website you can put in your zip code and find a local retailer. It’s a national company so they sell everywhere.

    STEVE: Oh, good.

    TOM: Steve, thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT. 888-666-3974.

    STEVE: I thank you very much.

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