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    LESLIE: Kay in Virginia who needs some help with a basement. What’s going on?

    KAY: Hi. Thank you for taking my call. My issue is with my unsealed concrete basement floor.
    TOM: OK.
    KAY: I have a sick cat in the basement for, actually, a couple months; who tended to miss the litter box on a couple occasions and …
    TOM: OK, enough said. We got it. (laughs)
    KAY: Well, I’ve been able to clean up the debris, so to speak, but – and I’ve sprayed the floor with …
    LESLIE: But it’s the odor, right?
    KAY: Yes. So I still have the odor and I still have the stains that won’t go away.
    LESLIE: OK, are you willing to paint or finish the concrete floor when you’re done removing the odor?
    KAY: I can certainly paint.
    LESLIE: OK. What you want to do, there’s a product that I’ve used when we were training a puppy and she wasn’t very well-behaved and carpeting and yada-yada-yada. It’s called Just Rite. It’s R-i-t-e, right?
    TOM: Yes, correct.
    LESLIE: JustRite.com is the website. And it comes in like a set. It’s a couple of different products that you use together and basically it’s an enzyme that kills this bacteria that’s living in the concrete causing the odor to constantly be there. So if you do the process, it’ll make that odor completely go away.
    Now, once that odor is gone, you’re probably still going to – you may still have some remnants of the stain. If that’s the case, I would use like an epoxy coating on that floor. It’s going to finish really nicely on the concrete; it’ll hide the stains; it’ll wear very, very well – it’s very durable; and it comes in one kit, so it’s very easy to install.
    KAY: Wow, that sounds like a great – I can do that. I can do that myself.
    TOM: (overlapping voices) Yeah, the product actually is called 1-2-3 ODOR FREE and, again, the website is Just Rite – spelled R-i-t-e.com.
    KAY: Alright. Listen, I really appreciate it. Thank you guys very much.
    TOM: You’re welcome, Kay. Thanks so much for calling us at 888-MONEY-PIT.

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