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Dryer Flapper Vents

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    LESLIE: Roxanne in Florida, you’re up next. What can we do for you?

    ROXANNE: I have a dryer that gets clogged with – the vent gets clogged with whatever you dry your clothes with; lint and all that. My point is I’d like to know – I was told that I can buy a flapper vent and – for my dryer. And I live in Brandon, Florida. Where can I buy or purchase a flapper vent?

    TOM: Oh gosh, they’re available at any hardwood store or maybe home center; you know, a Home Depot or a Lowe’s. It’s a very standard, you know, termination to a dryer exhaust duct. If you go to any home center and see where they have all the dryer exhaust duct material, you’ll be able to find this. It may, perhaps, be in the exterior siding area but probably not. They use the same termination for bath fans and things like that. It simply has a damper on the end so that when the air comes on, it pushes itself out; and then when the air is off, it flaps closed and keeps it nice and dry and tight.

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