Drip-Edge Vents

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    LESLIE: Now we’re going to talk to Tom from Connecticut. How can we help you?

    TOM FROM CONNECTICUT: Oh, yeah. Hi. Love your show, love your book.
    LESLIE: Thanks.
    TOM: Well, thanks you very much.
    TOM FROM CONNECTICUT: OK. I have a wood-frame house up here in Connecticut; built around 1944. I had ridge vents installed about three years ago when I had the shingles replaced and then I got your book and it mentioned soffit vents. So …
    TOM: Yes.
    TOM FROM CONNECTICUT: But I don’t have soffits.
    TOM: OK.
    TOM FROM CONNECTICUT: I have gable vents up there.
    TOM: Alright. So, you want to know how to create soffit vents when you don’t have them?
    TOM: There’s a type of vent called a drip-edge vent and what a drip-edge vent does is it essentially creates sort of a mini-soffit. It extends the edge of your roof shingles and creates sort of like a two-inch overhang in that space and that’s where the air gets in. There’s a good website for one of the ventilation manufacturers. It’s simply Airvent.com.
    TOM FROM CONNECTICUT: Airvent.com. OK.
    TOM: And you can see pictures of drip-edge vents there and that’s the way to get a soffit vent onto the edge of a roof where you don’t have one that’s designed in.
    TOM FROM CONNECTICUT: Great. Wonderful. Thank you very much.

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