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Can I Install Metal Roofing Over Shingles?

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    LESLIE: Carl in Tennessee, you’ve got The Money Pit. How can we help you today?

    CARL: As a result of some wind damage at my house last month, I need to reroof. I would like to install metal roofing. My existing roofing is felt paper with three-tab, 20-year asphalt shingles. Do you think that it would be OK to have the metal roofing installed with 1×4 wood strips over the asphalt shingles? Or should it all be torn off?

    TOM: I would take it off. You know, that roof will come off very, very quickly and it’s a small part of the job. If you’re going to invest in metal roofing, why put it over asphalt? There’s just no point to do that. So I would strip it down to the original sheathing and then build it up from there. That’s the best way to go.

    CARL: OK, OK. Thank you very much. I appreciate it and listen to you every week.

    TOM: Thank you so much, Carl. Good luck with that project.

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