Andersen Storm Doors Offer Beautiful Versatility and Security

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    Summary: Tom Kraeutler from The Money Pit demos Andersen storm doors, which provide year-round curb appeal, with dependable security against the elements and improved energy efficiency.

    TOM: Hey, it’s Tom Kraeutler from the Money Pit, here in Times Square, focusing on eco-friendly home improvement projects that you can tackle in a weekend.

    This is the Andersen model 4000 storm door. Now, adding a storm door to your house gives you protection from the outside elements. It gives you light. It gives you ventilation, and a bit more energy efficiency. And this particular door is the Andersen model 4000. It has a quick change glass feature, which is pretty cool. All I do is lift the thumb latch, flip up the handle, and the entire glass panel just pops out, just that easy. You would slip back in the screen, and then close the handle, and you’d be completely done.

    Now, Andersen also has a 45-minute easy-to-install model. It’s model 3000, both of which are part of the eco-options product line. It’s available at the Home Depot.

    If you want to learn more, see some great videos on these doors, head on over to That’s I’m Tom Kraeutler.

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