3M TEKK Protection Products Make Every Project Safe

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    Summary: Leslie Segrete from The Money Pit demos 3Mâ„¢ TEKK Protectionâ„¢ products, which help you make sure every one of your do-it-yourself projects is successful and safe.

    Leslie: Hi. I’m Leslie Segrete from the Money Pit, reminding you that doing a project right means doing it safely. More than half of do-it-yourselfers admit they’ve neglected to take safety precautions, and one in five have reported some type of injury as a result of their project.

    To make sure your projects are successful and safe this spring, you need to first gear up with the right products. The 3M TEKK Protection sanding and fiberglass valved respirator should be first on your list. With most decorating or remodeling jobs you produce dust, fumes and vapors that can be inhaled, but this respirator helps protect you. It’s also comfortable to wear, and has a patented cool flow valve technology to help you breathe easier and stay cooler while you work.

    Another important area to protect is your hearing. Here’s a way to do that, and enjoy some work tunes at the same time. This is the digital work tunes hearing protector and AM FM stereo radio. This will let you listen to digital AM FM radio or your MP3 player, and know that the built in decibel limiter will help you work safely.

    You can also keep your eyes safe from projectiles and contaminants with the 3M TEKK Protection fuel sports safety eye wear. These anti-scratch impact resistant lenses absorb ninety-nine point nine percent of UV, UVA and UVB rays, and the durable vented temples, and adjustable nose piece keep things comfortable.

    So before you start any spring project, make sure you’re prepared with the 3M TEKK Protection line. You’ll find 3M respirators, hearing protection, and eye wear at your local home improvement and hardware store. Learn more at 3Mtekk.com.

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