Programmable Thermostats Save Money and Energy

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Did you know that programmable thermostats could help you save money and energy all year long? Programmable thermostats allow you to control your home’s climate around the clock, winter and summer – without any additional effort. In fact, setting the thermostat to control the operation of your central air conditioner can also manage excess humidity in the home and reduce your overall cooling bills.

To maximize energy savings, install the programmable thermostat away from natural cool or hot spots. In hot summer months, set the thermostat several degrees higher when you’re away. During the colder weather, program the thermostat a few degrees cooler while you’ll be gone. Most programmable thermostats have multiple settings, allowing you to adjust accordingly and save a few extra dollars while you’re on vacation.

An example of a programmed day during the winter is to have the temperature lower during the night, warming up before everyone rises for the day, dropping once everyone leaves the house and warming up again before everyone returns home. Programmable thermostats are available for as little as $50 and installing them is a simple project for a service professional.

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