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Home Repairs Tips by Age of House

As long as there have been homes, there have been home repairs. If you know the age of your home, however, problems common to homes built in that era that can be avoided.

While home construction has changed quite dramatically over the years, every era of home construction had its strengths...

Bathroom Cleaning

If you have hard water problem, you know it.  Hard water makes it tough to lather up in the shower, wash clothes and it's not the best for your plumbing fixtures.  Minerals that get left behind on shower heads or inside water heaters can shorten the life of your plumbing system and can...

Water Heaters

 Water heaters are designed to keep your water hot, regardless of whether you need it or not.  This can result in lots of wasted energy.  Installing an insulating water heater blanket can help keep the heat in.  Here's how to install a water heater blanket:

Stuff you'll need:

Shower Head Cleaning Tips: Faq

In a recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Colorado at Boulder, shower heads were found to contain bacteria potentially dangerous to those that had weakened immune systems. Moreover, the researchers found that not only will cleaning with bleach not kill the bacteria, but...

Home Safety

Filing a homeowners insurance claim is never a pleasant process. While you may hope you’ll never need to call upon the coverage of your homeowners insurance policy, in the event that you do it is important to properly file your claim. Attention to detail can be a challenge when you’re dealing...


Your plumbing system has many different water valves. Knowing where the most important water valves are can potentially save you thousands of dollars.  The main water valve controls the flow of all water into your home and must work properly to prevent damage.

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