Insinkerator Hot/Cool Water Dispensers Add Convenience in the Kitchen

The InSinkErator Instant Hot/Cool Water Dispenser is a great convenience to have on tap for entertaining and everyday kitchen chores. Guests can help themselves to filtered water for instant hot beverages or cool refreshment, and the dispenser also speeds up tasks like pasta prep and kitchen cleanup. It delivers 200-degree water in seconds and instant cold water at a temperature of 38 degrees.

InSinkErator Instant Hot/Cool Dispensers are available in a range of styles to complement your existing faucet, and sit right beside it on the sink. The dispenser’s filtration system stays out of sight underneath the sink, conserving valuable kitchen counter and floor space. You’ll also save money you’d usually spend on bottled water, because the InSinkErator Water Dispenser serves up clean, clear, contaminant-free drinking water without the waste of containers. Check out InSinkErator Instant Hot/Cool Water Dispensers at your local home center or
InSinkErator Hot/Cool Water Dispensers Add Convenience in the Kitchen