Drip Irrigation

Drip or micro irrigation makes watering more efficient, saves you time, conserves water and makes sure your plants will thrive!

Simply put, drip irrigation is the process of delivering water, in a slow and steady manner, to the soil. Emitters, devices that deliver the water, are placed near the plant base so that the water can be delivered directly to the roots of plants.  Since there is less evaporation with drip irrigation, the water is delivered right where it’s needed and there is no overspray – sending water where it isn’t needed.

Micro-sprays work in a similar way, using miniature sprayers to deliver water to individual plants or to small garden areas.

BotAlt=Drip Irrigation Drip Irrigation Tipsh drip irrigation systems and micro-spray systems keep the soil evenly moist, reducing stress on plants and promoting healthy growth.

Drip irrigation systems have been used in commercial landscapes and agricultural applications for years. Now the technology is available to every homeowner, from the most avid landscaper to the weekend gardener. Toro Blue Stripe® Drip products are perfect for the home gardener, says Laura Lopez, Senior Marketing Manager for Toro DIY Water Management.

Blue Stripe® is very easy to install. It is typically placed above ground; there is no digging involved, and it’s easy to move around when you change your landscape design. Drip irrigation is the perfect watering solution for vegetable and flower gardens, hanging baskets, pots and landscape shrubs.

Toro Blue Stripe® Drip products offer everything you need to install your own system. Create your own custom system with individual parts or choose the kit that contains everything you need to get going. It attaches directly to any garden faucet or existing sprinkler riser and can be put together in minutes.

For more tips including a complete Sprinkler and Drip Irrigation Planning & Installation Guide, as well as a Sprinkler Replacement & Troubleshooting Guide, go to www.toro.com or visitwww.torodesign.com for an interactive tutorial on designing and installing a home irrigation system.

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