CommunityShould I Seal My Foundation Before Adding Stucco?

Should I Seal My Foundation Before Adding Stucco?

I'd like to seal the cement blocks on my outside foundation and then use a cement product (not a paint) to finish the job.  My questions are:

1. What sealer do I use?

2. What cement product do I put on after sealer?

Thanks so much!

Robert M.

The Money Pit Answer

Sealer may not be a good idea.  It might make it difficult for the stucco finish to stick - almost like putting lubricant on, considering a lot of sealers are silicone-based.  I'd go right to the stucco process.  I recommend Quikete.  They have a basecoat stucco and a finish coat - apply the basecoat first, then the finish coat after.