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Rotting Anderson Windows

I have some wooden Anderson Windows and some of the bottom sashes are rotting. I have a few questions: I have a product that will stop the rot and then fill in the problem areas. Will that hold up? What should I do with the other windows to seal them ? Also what paint would you recoment to pant the bottom section where it is fanding .The sides are wood and some wick in water causing the problem. 

Should I just repace the bottom sash from Anderson and seal the new windows?

 Thanks Ted Nichols 

The Money Pit Answer

The best approach wold be to sand out the rotted areas and fill any gaps.  You can use an epoxy based wood filler to fill holes of almost any size.

As far as painting, best approach wouild be to sand, prime and then apply a good quality exterio semi-gloss paint.  Priming is key - it s what will make that paint really stick.