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New Construction Roof Makes Noise

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The roof of my 2013-built single-family house makes loud squeaking/creaking noise on windy days. The problem started in one room and expanded to another. It's getting louder over time. The builder says “It is my belief that the noise you are hearing is caused by the wind coming through the two homes, almost creating a natural breezeway and getting behind the siding, causing it to tap against the exterior walls. This is a natural occurrence.” However, my neighbors (all in new houses by the same national builder) do not have this problem.

The noise is very annoying, life disturbing, and makes me worried of the safety of MY whole family. Sometimes I hearing tapping sound too. What could be the reason for a brand new home to have such A problem? Is it possiblY due to a natural breezeway, like the builder claims? What should we do?

The Money Pit Answer
A couple of things come to mind: First, I find it unlikely that your builder is qualified to make such a structural analysis.  He's essentially commenting on the impact of wind and weather on a structure, which is something only a licensed structural engineer or licensed architect has the education to back up.  I recommend a few things: Document your concerns to the builder in writing. Second, request the builder hire the structural engineer or licensed architect of your choice to inspect your property and provide a written report as to the cause and cure - if required - of the problem you're experiencing.  Third, send the letter to your homeowners warranty company, documenting the problem, the history, and the dates observed so they can begin a claim against the warranty (should that become necessary).  Last, consult an attorney for additional actions you may need to take to protect yourself.  Roofs that are properly constructed don't creak to the extent you're describing.  The fact that yours is making noise is likely an indication of a bigger problem you want to avoid.