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The holidays are here, and I am in desperate need of a way to stay organized!  I have coupons overflowing in my purse, gift ideas scribbled on scraps of paper on the fridge and even lost a party invitation for one of my daughter’s recently.  Do you have any solutions that won’t cost me a fortune?
skurclrb  12/19/06 11:23am
It’s easy to be overwhelmed this time of year.  One of the things we have done in my family is to create a holiday binder.  The idea came from the organization experts at Wilson Jones.  Here’s what you’ll need.
1) Purchase the appropriate supplies, such as a binder, easy to use tabs, plastic sleeves and laminating sheets.

2) Gather all relevant holiday focused items, such as recipes and invitations.
3) Store all materials in their corresponding binder sleeves with clearly labeled tabs for easy identification.
4) If materials are loosely stored in the binder, laminate them for long-term preservation.
5) Check off items on your to-do and shopping lists as you complete them.
6) When the holiday is over, file the binder away to use as a handy reference for next year.
Once you get the binder together, here are recommendations on categories for the various sections:  To-Do List/Calendar, Gift Lists/Receipts, Holiday Cards, Crafts/Decorations and Menu/Party Planning.  Miscellaneous materials can be conveniently stored in the front and back binder sleeves.
Wilson Jones has a bunch of organizational tools that can help.  This can also be a great family project.  You can have the kids create a new cover that marks the year or download a free template at
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