Can a Home Inspection Help or Hurt?


We bought our home, new, when it was first built. We had an inspector about a month before closing. Our home will be eleven years old.  Would it be a good idea to have it inspected now just so we can prevent problems? 

What if the inspection uncovered something that would cost a lot of money, such as the need for a new roof, structural damage etc.  We would have to disclose the defect if we were to sell the house. We are fifty seven years young; our house is paid in full.  Our health issues are stable, for now.  If we could not climb the stairs, we would have to move to a ranch. 

Would a home inspection help or hurt our chances, to sell our home, if necessary?
Rose72454 4-12-07 5:48pm

Wow, those are a lot of questions!  Let me help.  First, a home inspection is always a good idea.  Whether you are buying a home, selling a home or just want to make sure you are doing the right things to maintain your home, an assessment by an independent, truly qualified, expert is a very valuable piece of information.  Unlike contractors who make a living by finding and fixing problems, home inspectors are there just to give an independent assessment of the home’s condition.  To find a qualified one, go to the website for the American Society of Home Inspectors

Second, if you were going to sell your home, it is almost certain that the home buyer will want their own home inspection done.  Therefore, it is very wise to get your own done up front so that you know what the true condition of the property is.  If problems are found, you can either disclose them or fix them, but do so at your convenience and on your own terms, rather than deal with it in the craziness of the home sale process.

For more information, read my articles Seller Disclosure Can Reduce Liability and Home Inspection Survival.

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