Building Field of Dreams


I was just wondering what kind of land I would need if I planned on building a baseball complex. Could I build it on just farmland, residential land or would it need to be commercial? Thank you for your time.
reedz1 4-8-07 11:14pm

Wow…so you want to build your very own Field of Dreams?  We’ll, unlike the movie; this is easier said than done!  First and foremost, the land you want to build this on has to be zoned for it.  This means that the law in the community that governs the land you want to build on allows for this type of recreational use.  There are many, many things to consider.  For example, there are issues of parking, lighting, noise, etc.  The land could also be environmentally sensitive with wetlands, etc.  All these things would be captured in the application to build the complex and be reviewed by town experts (Zoning Officer, Engineer, Code Officials, and more!) to make sure they are done correctly.

My advice is to start the process by finding a commercial real estate agent to work with.  These folks are very specialized sales persons that help you find the appropriate property and guide you thorough the long process of getting it approved.

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