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Rusted Bathroom Faucet

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    LESLIE: And now a rust removal question from Jackie in Arizona.

    Jackie, where’s the rust?

    JACKIE: Yes, the rust is on the hot water faucet in the bathroom and the sink.

    TOM: Oh, it might be that it’s time for a new faucet because it sounds like that all of the plating that was on that has failed and, basically, now you just have sacrificial metal there that, as it reacts with the water and the oxygen, is going to produce rust. And there are few wetter places in your house than your faucets, so it’s probably time for a new faucet. Because as that plating breaks down, that rust is just going to continue to feed that particular spot.

    LESLIE: And it’s probably an easier problem to fix by just changing the faucet than actually completely repairing it every, single time.

    TOM: Yeah, especially if your poor husband has been taking that thing apart every time you get enough rust built up there.

    JACKIE: There is no thing we could buy to replace that side?

    TOM: Unless you can identify the manufacturer of the faucet and order, basically, a replacement part for the hot water side. But frankly, Jackie, faucets are so inexpensive today it’s really not worth the aggravation that you’re putting into it at this point. It would be a whole lot easier on you if you just replaced it with a new one.

    JACKIE: Sounds good to me. (chuckles)

    TOM: There you go. So you tell your husband that we gave you permission to replace that faucet, alright?

    JACKIE: I will tell him.

    TOM: OK. Thanks, Jackie. Thanks for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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