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Replace Refrigerator Gasket for a Proper Seal

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    LESLIE: Alright. Jason in Texas. This is an interesting question. Since the hurricane, your fridge magnets don’t stick anymore?

    JASON: (chuckling) That’s right. When they came through, the electricity went out for about a week and a half. And we got all the food out, we cleaned everything out. It was actually the refrigerator – a side-by-side refrigerator and an upright deep freeze – we cleared everything out and we got the electricity back on and now we haven’t even used either one of them because the refrigerators … the magnets won’t stick; the door won’t shut any longer.

    TOM: (chuckling) Interesting.

    LESLIE: That’s so weird.

    JASON: And they’re practically new. They … I say practically new; they’re in real good shape. We never had any problems before.

    TOM: So it’s the appliance weather-stripping on the door.

    JASON: Right. The little … right. That weather stripping right along the outside of the edge. I guess … I thought they were magnets; they may not be.

    TOM: Yeah. It may … you’re right. It may not be. But if it’s not sticking anymore, that stuff’s replaceable.

    JASON: Right. Just … you mean just the stripping?

    TOM: Sure.

    JASON: Where would I be able to find that?

    TOM: (overlapping) Oh, you …

    JASON: You know we’ve been … we’ve got these little … you know, these little mini refrigerators we’re using now because you can’t leave anything open or else it just … you know, it doesn’t stay cold.

    TOM: You know, there’s a great website out there for appliance parts. It’s called repairclinic.com. Just repairclinic.com.

    JASON: Repairclinic.com.

    TOM: (overlapping) Clinic.com. And they have parts for all sorts of appliances and certainly would have the weather stripping for a refrigerator door.

    JASON: Right. Do you know what they cost, something like that?

    TOM: Not much. I wouldn’t expect it to be more than probably 30 to 50 bucks.

    JASON: It was the strangest thing to me because you know electricity’s gone out before. But, this time, I guess … you know, never that long. But this time, after that long period of time, they won’t stick anymore.

    TOM: Hmm. Somehow it got decharged, I guess.

    JASON: That’s weird. Well, I sure do appreciate the website. I’ll go on there and get those ordered, then.

    TOM: Yeah, have you cleaned all the way around so that there’s nothing sticky or waxy or greasy on the inside of it?

    JASON: Yeah, absolutely. We went through and …

    TOM: Yeah.

    JASON: … just pulled all the food out and we just cleaned everything out. Because you know, after that long it was … it was pretty rotten in there. But we got it all cleaned out real …

    TOM: How old is the refrigerator?

    JASON: It’s probably four years old.

    TOM: Yeah, well, it might be time to replace the gaskets anyway.

    JASON: Yeah, so I can go out and get new ones now after that long.

    TOM: Yeah, go ahead and get new ones, get it done.

    JASON: Much as I eat, too, opening and shutting that door. (laughing) Well, I sure do appreciate it.

    TOM: You’re very welcome, Jason. Thanks …

    JASON: You all have a great day.

    TOM: Thanks for calling us at 1-888-MONEY-PIT, listening on KEEL.

    LESLIE: You know, it’s so funny. From the question, I’m thinking, so you won’t use your refrigerator because you can’t put your Six Flags magnet on it.

    TOM: Oh, so you were thinking it was the … like the little house magnets and the doggy magnets.

    LESLIE: Yeah. I’m like, “Oh, so all those trips you take and you collect those magnets.” (laughing) I’m like, “That’s kind of weird. I don’t see how that would ruin your day with the fridge.” (laughing)

    TOM: (overlapping) (inaudible) do they stick to the file cabinet? You know, do they stick to other things in your house?

    LESLIE: Can you put them on the hood over the oven? (laughing)

    TOM: Yes. Well, there are different types of fridge magnets. (laughing) Some you stick on and some you stick in. (laughing)

    LESLIE: That’s funny.

    TOM: Pretty funny. 1-888-MONEY-PIT.

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