Removing Stucco From Brick

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    LESLIE: Texas, you’re next. Viola, what can we do for you?

    VIOLA: We have a two-story house and on the bottom part it’s brick and on the top it’s stucco. And we had somebody put structure (ph) stucco on it and it was colored stucco that he used and it started splashing on the brick.

    TOM: Uh-oh.

    VIOLA: How do I get the stucco – the colored stucco – off the brick?

    TOM: Can’t you get the guy that put the stucco on the brick to get it off for you, Viola?

    VIOLA: No.

    TOM: OK, he’s long gone, huh?

    VIOLA: Yes.

    TOM: Well, a lot or a little?

    VIOLA: A lot – well, it’s little splashes that they have to come off. It’s pretty ugly.

    TOM: The first step would be to take a wire brush and see if it will abrade off.

    VIOLA: I tried that already. That didn’t work. (chuckling)

    TOM: Alright, the next thing that you might need to try is muriatic acid, but that’s dangerous to work with. You have to use rubber gloves and safety goggles and a long-sleeve shirt and that’s one thing that will clean bricks.

    The third thing that you could try, if it’s just a little – like little areas – you could actually try taking some concrete stain and staining the lighter color of the stucco against the brick; sort of match it.

    So there’s three ideas for getting rid of that.

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