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    LESLIE: Dennis in Alaska needs some help cleaning up hard-water residue. What can we do for you today?

    DENNIS: Yeah, I was wondering if you knew of a product that could take care of that rusty-looking stuff on a porcelain …

    TOM: Try CLR. CLR stands for Calcium, Lime and Rust and it works super-well at removing those rust stains. It’s readily available at home centers and supermarkets, as well.

    DENNIS: I could probably find it down at Home Depot or someplace.

    TOM: I’m sure you can, Dennis. It’s been around for years and it does a really good job. Sort of one of those standard things you’ve got to have on your cabinet shelf.  And to avoid hard water stains moving forward, consider a water softener.

    DENNIS: Right, yeah. OK. I’ll look into it.

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