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    LESLIE: Wendell in Michigan needs some help with, actually, a heating idea: blowers to a fireplace. Good idea or bad? Welcome, Wendell.

    WENDELL: Well, I’ve got a Heatilator fireplace that vents outside the wall.
    TOM: OK.
    WENDELL: And I don’t have a blower. It puts out a lot of heat. My question is, is there going to be any advantage to putting in a blower in addition to just letting it thermal siphon?
    TOM: Well, if it feels like it’s delivering plenty heat right now, I don’t know that adding a blower is going to make that much difference to it. It’s going to be an expense to buy it, to install it and to run it.
    LESLIE: To run it, they all run off of electricity, correct?
    TOM: Mm-hmm, yep, absolutely. And they’re also a little bit noisy sometimes. So if you’ve got a good, natural, convective loop; it’s working well within the room, I don’t think I would add a blower to that.
    WENDELL: Yeah, I was kind of feeling that way and so I’m glad you confirmed it.
    TOM: Our pleasure, Wendell. (Leslie chuckles) Anytime you need somebody to agree with you, you just call The Money Pit; we’ll help you out.
    WENDELL: (chuckles) OK, thanks a lot.

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