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Choose the Right Caulk for a Kitchen Sink

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    LESLIE:  Gloria in Illinois, you’ve got The Money Pit.  What can we do for you today?

    GLORIA:  I had a new kitchen sink put in and it was not level; so they told me to shim it, which I did, but it now needs to be resealed because it’s not level.  So can you tell me what I seal it with?

    TOM:  Yeah, are we talking about the edge where it overlaps the countertop, Gloria?

    GLORIA:  Right.

    TOM:  OK.  Well, the best thing to use for that purpose is a kitchen and bath caulk and the reason the product should say kitchen and bath caulk is because it’s treated with a mildicide.  OF course, being a very damp area, if it’s not treated with a mildicide you’re going to have some problems with mold growth.  DAP makes a product that’s a kitchen and bath caulk with an additive called Microban and it’s very effective at not growing mold, so …

    GLORIA:  Microvan?

    LESLIE:  Microban.

    TOM:  Microban and the manufacturer is DAP – D-A-P.  So look at the DAP kitchen and bath caulk …

    GLORIA:  OK.

    TOM:  … and I think that you’ll find that that’s probably the best way to seal that.  Very inexpensive, by the way.  We’re only talking about a couple of dollars for the caulk and you definitely can do it yourself.

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