Autumn Tips for a Cozy, Energy-efficient Home

Cooler weather is on the way, so now’s the time to prepare your home for a cozy season indoors. Heating will be a significant expense in the months to come, but you can reduce costs and increase the energy efficiency of your home with easy improvements, maintenance, and additions to your household routine. Try the following ideas, and see how much good they do for your utility bills this winter!

Schedule a check-up for your heating system. Before you actually need it, make sure your heating system is ready for work and in good repair. A seasonal check-up by an HVAC professional is a wise investment and can actually extend the life of your heating equipment.  

Change your furnace filter. A fresh furnace filter improves heating performance, prevents expensive repairs, and keeps indoor air allergen-free. During the heating season, change filters monthly, and buy the most efficient filters you can in order to maintain a healthy indoor environment.

Autumn Tips from Owens CorningInsulate throughout your home. According to the experts at Owens Corning, an easy and cost-effective way to save up to 20 percent on heating bills is by effectively insulating your home. Adding insulation in the attic, in the floor over a crawl space, and throughout the basement helps to manage a home’s indoor climate.

Seal air leaks. Seal around doors and windows to prevent heat and comfort from escaping. Also give attention to electrical outlets and switches, which can be fitted with easy-to-install insulation gaskets.

Use a programmable thermostat. Install a programmable thermostat, set it and forget it. By programming home heating to align with your family’s daily routine, you’ll have warmth when you need it and will avoid wasting it when you don’t.

Send warmth in the right direction. During the heating season, set ceiling fans to spin clockwise so they push warm air down into living spaces. And if there are rooms you’re not using, divert precious heat by shutting off their vents and closing their doors.

Every step you take to improve home energy efficiency not only makes for a more comfortable, affordable heating season but also lowers costs the rest of the year. Get more ideas and project help by visiting or calling 1-800-GET-PINK.

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