Mold in A/C Unit

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After undergoing an annual air conditioning inspection, my repairman told me I had mold on the inside of the unit which is in my closet in the house.  Is this type of mold toxic or dangerous to our health or nothing to worry about?

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Mold regardless of type can be a concern.  Removal of it is in many cases very simple procedure.  The prevention of it not so much.

Mold needs three things in order to develop. 

1. Moisture,  2. air, 3. food source.   if you remove any one of these things you simply do not have mold growth.   It is quite impossible to remove the air, and the food source can be just as hard.  So that leaves just moisture or water.

The only place mold should be found is on cheese or outdoors.  It does not belong in a home and when it does show up its a sign that you have a moisture issue. And with all of the cleaning you can do to make it right will only result in it coming back if you do not stop the moisture or do something to prevent the re-development of it.

In your case the moisture comes from the inside evaporator coil creating condensate.  If your filter system does not trap all of the dust, and most do not do this very well, the dust moves up to the wet coil area where it begins to stick on the damp fins of the coil.  The result over time is mold.

You should consider having the coil cleaned, and if your suffering from health issues have the ducts checked and cleaned if they are really dirty. But read the post that Tom placed prior to this on what the EPA suggests. As most duct cleaning is a waste of time and money. 

But cleaning the coil is not only good in prevention of additional mold growth, it helps the AC system work better. 

Once the coil is clean you should consider the installation of a UV In duct air purifier system.  This light will kill bacteria that can develop within the  cooling coil area and prevent development of mold.

But in any case, unless your heath is dictating how much exposure to the mold you can tolerate is, I would not worry to much, but get it cleaned so it does not get any worse.

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