Mold Proof Drywall

Georgia-Pacific's DensArmor Plus paperless drywall prevents mold development

Did you know your drywall can end up feeding mold? In a typical home, 70% of the interior surfaces are comprised of drywall or wallboard with paper content that's susceptible to mold when it comes in contact with moisture.

Stop Feeding Mold

Georgia-Pacific's DensArmor® Plus is a new-generation paperless drywall that can help protect a home's interior wall surfaces from the potential for mold development. Designed as a replacement for traditional paper-faced drywall for residential interiors,

DensArmor Plus drywall incorporates glass mats on the surfaces of the drywall instead of the paper found on traditional drywall. Substitution of glass-mat facings for paper facings removes a potential food source for mold. To learn more, visit